Mentoring Mondays: Too Fast.

Adam is having a bit of writers block lately so meet Maddies mama, Aymee! (Or in my house known as MiMi... ) She has so graciously stepped up to fill his spot for awhile... Yay! Love you Aymee! Hope your enjoying your baby bash!Dearest Madeline,We are currently two and a half months from meeting you. You kick, punch and twirl all the time, and I love it. Since I haven’t yet seen you, nor can I hold you, feeling you move is the next best thing. And to feel your movements get stronger each day tells me you are growing stronger which is exactly what every mother wants: to know her child is healthy and that things are going well. Every day I daydream about holding you, dancing with you, feeding you, bathing you, playing with you, reading to you; the list goes on and on. A wise man once said, “You may think about your parents once a week. Your parents think about you every day.” I used to laugh at how true that is while thinking of your grandparents. Now it’s my turn to be chuckled at.It feels like just yesterday I beckoned your Dad into the bathroom of our tiny apartment in Richfield, MN and pointed to the pregnancy test.“What does that mean?” asked your father. I smiled, and pointed to the instructions on how to read the test. “But what does it mean?!” I laughed and said,“It means you’re going to be a daddy.”“Oh baby!” he cried, collapsing into my arms. Sharing company with finding out you were a girl at the 20 week ultrasound, and getting married, that was one of the coolest moments in my life so far. Nothing I have ever done can compare with you.At least once a day I say or think, “I can’t wait until August.” But lately I’ve been trying slow myself down. You see, I am so excited for you to be born, much like how excited you’ll be for your birthday or the first day of summer vacation. I’ve been there, anticipating those kinds of events; they increasingly permeate every thought you have until the moment arrives. Almost to the point that the time leading up to the awaited event is lost forever because you’re so focused on what is to come you forget to remember the present. I have the rest of my life to enjoy teaching, learning from and sharing with you. What makes me slow down, and actually makes me sad is knowing I only have two and a half months left (at most) to enjoy the experience happening right now: being pregnant with you. Even if we have another child, I will never experience this again because you are the only Madeline Belle Thurston. Already, you have your own personality that surpasses the walls of my womb. Already, I am in awe of you. And already, you’re growing up too fast.Love, Mom

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