Note to Self Saturday: Just breathe.

A to do list... or a to dont list... or maybe an already did list... i dunno...
A rant about my day(s):
  • Zaq's Christmas present showed up in the mail yesterday... This makes me happy, i hope he loves it. 
  • IzzaQ is so incredibly intelligent... its a blessing and a curse already - I can only imagine what this will be like when he is older. 
  • Once Aymee and I talked about how we hope our children grow up to be strong and independent adults... if your doing your job right, the also comes with a strong and independent toddler... he gets "stonger" every day...
  • I am SO crazy busy in the store... that Heather has had a suitcase of my stuff for over 2 months now... because i havn't had time to go downtown. *fail*
  • Bullet points make me feel organized. Im not...
  • Yesterday my puppies pooped on the carpet twice... then Zavery pooped in his pants, and before i realized it - i stepped in it... it was a "shitty" day.
  • I wish leaving California didn't mean leaving my "Dixie"... My world was much less chaotic with her around... moving here was supposed to mean we had more help... so far, we have lots less, and when i do get it, im still paying for it. I shoulda just made Dixie come with me.  I miss her.
  • Zavery needs a haircut... he has been called a girl in every store we go into, about 239842308570938450984504398503985034985029384029 times... no matter what he is wearing... full on boy clothes, they still say "she".
  • Today has been a stressful day... crazy kids, too much work... and a super rude customer. 
  • Daddy texted to say he went to the store on his lunch break and got me a couple bottles of wine... this makes me happy.
  • Majority of my friends are pregnant... and today I found out about one more... *shhhh* i cant tell!
  • Im still fighting with myself about #3 or not... daily. Probably more like 5-10 times a day. 3 times a charm right? Because I don't think i can continue on the miscarriage emotional/physical roller coaster.
  • I woke up this morning singing the "outdoors" sesame street song by Jason Mraz (youtube it.)
  • Tonight i think i spent over $300 just on fabric... and tomorrow i have to go to the fabric store... and still have loads more to buy!
  • I miss my hubby... im lonely when he closes. I dont know how military wives do it. Stronger ladies than I am thats for sure!
  • Last night i made the most DELICIOUS turkey chili & corn bread... can't wait to have leftovers tomorrow :)
  • Zaq keeps asking what I want for christmas.... what more COULD i want? Im pretty fortunate.
  • I get more excited getting presents for other people than thinking about what i might get myself... 
  • Umizoomi is over :( That means bed time... and back to the sewing machine for me... see you guys next time!

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