Nuby Storage Bowls and Spoon Review

When searching through the Nuby tumblr I always have to think long and hard about which products I would like to try out. This week I was trying to think outside the box of babies... Ms. Rozzlyn is in that toddler stage between baby and big kid... and the boys are a little old for most of the Nuby toys... but while I was packing their lunch, it hit me! I needed more little containers for their lunch...

tableware_5310_hdr_1.jpg IMG_5924.JPG

I am one of those weird moms that prefer to do the extra work and spend more money on packing their lunch than just getting hot lunch at school. I like knowing that they have healthy, fresh, balanced options every day for lunch... SO - part of that is having separate little containers for keeping everything fresh. The Nuby storage bowls and spoon set was literally the PERFECT solution. The set comes with 4 containers and lids and a matching spoon... the spoon is a bit babyish for our current needs... but still great! The lids snap on nice and tight... and are perfect sized for their lunch portions... I am SO SO SO glad I chose these and they will make my lunch packing even simpler now. They fit perfectly into their lunch boxes and I trust them getting shaken around but staying tightly closed. I also need to add that back in my baby food making days these would have been perfect... I made all Rozzlyns baby food when she was tiny and these are the perfect size for little portions. Nuby always comes through with great products for moms & kids to make life easier!



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