My kid free weekend off...

Amazing right? All 3 kids overnight at their grandmas... my weekend off of work... a quiet house ... and how did we decide to spend it? Sewing as many ready to ship crib sets as possible... the count in this photo is 6 that are stuffed and ready to go... I have 2-4 more that I am working on!!


Im thinking if I can make some time for ready to ship bedding it will make a budget friendly and quick option for those in a hurry... and then those that want something specific can still order the custom sets :) PLUS I actually have a ton of fun putting together these sets. Its quite a creative outlet!  

When you buy you bedding from me know its coming from someone who actually cares... Not a machine across the ocean. My heart goes out with each of these sets that I make...  And nothing makes me happier than to know how loved they are by their owners. Thanks for letting a little piece of me into your lives. It probably doesn't mean much to you guys, but it does to me... This business is my life and it means the world to have such great support from all of you. *sappy speech over* 

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