Boon ODD Ducks - my new favorite bath toy

Oh Boon, you're after my heart...... and its all yours for the taking. I've always been a huge lover of Boon for multiple reasons over the years. We have tried many different products over the years and most recently bought their highchair (which I totally love). So when we got the chance to try out some of their bath toys - its safe to say that my expectations were high... Unfairly so? Maybe. But - its bath toys. How can you make them special? Ask Boon, because they surely did. 

Rozzlyn playing with her ODD DUCKS.

Rozzlyn playing with her ODD DUCKS.

Rubber Ducks in the bubble bath. So necessary that you need one to have the other if you're under the age of 8... but as a mom I absolutely HATE HATE HATE 90% of all rubber ducks, squeaky toys, squirter toys, etc. Why? Because after one use it's only a matter of time before the water trapped inside turns into a gross slimy coating of goo. *gags* Nothing better than playful water squirt and out comes a mildewy chunk. Guess what - those instantly go into the trash for me. Im a busy mom. I don't have time to drain and dry out every single bath toy. I want something that is safe & BPA free, clean & fun... and Boon made that an absolutely fair request. These ODD ducks are so cute and vibrant... they all have clever little names... and are each shaped differently... some bob and wobble... some just swim... but all are awesome.


My absolute FAVORITE part of these is the bottom. Ya see that? Heck yes you do... no hole. That means no water inside... no gross and slimy mildew... no need to squirt out each toy to keep them dry. So. In. Love. Best yet? Rozzlyn loves them! Since we got them she begs for an hour bubble bath every night... and most the day is fighting me to let her into the bathroom to bring them out to play. So Boon, absolutely giving you a huge high five here... you made my day... week. YEAR?? With offering such awesome bath time products. Stay tuned for more!

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