Boon Pieces bath toy puzzle

Recently Boon sent Ms. Rozzlyn the COOLEST bath tub puzzle set called Pieces. It is now so popular in our house that its a bath rub fight over who goes first between her and Zavery. So - I would say that's a good problem to have. 


Boon is pretty genius when it comes to their unique and innovative products. Plus, they never skimp on quality. If you remember - i completely raved about the Boon ODD Ducks. Pieces are no different. They are mold and mildew resistant, non absorbent, they float, they stick to the walls... and Boon said it best... the best part is" that while your little ones are solving the puzzle they momentarily stop splashing water everywhere! Bath time brilliance." It true... brilliant. I am so sick an tired of throwing out bath toys that get slimy and funky. Boon has developed an amazing line of bath toys that prevent the mold and mildew from happening. Keeping more money in your pocket and more toys in your tub. 

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