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Wood Shop Bob! Handmade Wooden cars...

Oh be still my heart! Wood Shop Bob has made my day... Im sure you all have  read my previous posts ranting about our creative play christmas... felt food... wooden toys and all that good stuffs... now - as much as I LOVE all these types of goodies... i HATE how expensive they can be... now - as usual Etsy has some rocking sellers that make some of these amazing things at affordable prices. For instance, my girlie girl Baby Boo Felt , she makes adorable felt food that keeps my kids content for hours... while playing with their new wooden kitchen... Another of their favorite "creative play" toys is their Thomas the train set. But lets face it... mass produced and there are hundreds... no - hundreds of thousands of them out there in the world... where's the fun in that? But never fear - Wood Shop Bob has solved all of our problems!! And I think I just fell in love... ;)

If you remember a few weeks ago... there was an adorable set of little wooden cars featured in my Favorites Friday...

He got in touch with me and offered to send a set for review! I was ecstatic... and when they showed up, they completely blown away. Each little car was perfectly crafted... perfectly sanded... perfect size for the boys... and PERFECTLY unique... every one is different... the grains in the wood... the shades... shapes and styles... and i love, love, love the little wheels... i completely adore them! And of course, so do the boys!

How could they POSSIBLY be any cooler you ask? Oh well they can... while Zave was playing, he realized they fit PERFECTLY on his Thomas the Train tracks!!

So he pushes his "vroom-vrooms" around the track with his "choo-choos" ... They have really been an amazing addition to our wooden toy collection... and i REALLY suggest you go pick up a pack right away... The little 10 pack of cars is just $12!! You can get them here.
Prefer Trucks? He has those too!!

Just $15 for those... he also has bigger trucks... tractors... and all sorts of other goodies... you MUST check it out :)

If you decide to snatch up a set, be sure to tell him that you found him from the RockerByeBaby blog! Then come back and tell us all about it!


GUESS WHAT!? WoodShopBob is giving away a set to one lucky reader!! How lucky are you guys!?

How to win:

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