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She says it hurts but its worth it.

"She says it hurts but its worth it." A line from my favorite Hold Steady song... A line I have been waiting years to have tattooed on me. Until about a month ago - I didn't know exactly how I wanted it... but with Remie posted a photo of some AWESOME birds she had drawn up... it all made sense.
  I just had to have them... I loved the traditional style with the new school twist... I LOVE the details in the banner... and the amazing coloring in the birds... so we *she* made some tweaks... added in my must have lyrics... and we put an anchor in the center to tie it all together. Reime is an amazing artist... and even just the outline got me all giddy! I loved just watching the master do her work. Hanging out at Evolution Tattoo was awesome... The shop is in Bloomington, MN and has a gorgeous lake and woods in its back yard. So beautiful. The decor inside is so awesome... Its absolutely one of the nicest shops I have ever been to... and the bathroom? Possibly the nicest of ALL bathrooms... ever. I should have taken a picture of it, lol

Reime got the stencil on in one shot and it was perfect...  Got prepped and we got going on the outline. (love this shot ^^ )
Continue on for an awesome photo montage :)
Reime did such an AMAZING job... I love it so much and I absolutely can't wait to get it finished up... I can't wait to look in the mirror every day and see such a bright and colorful piece shining back! If the finished piece is even half as awesome as the original piece she drew Ill be thrilled :) I know where Im going for my Kawaii sleeve! Can't wait!

If anyone in the area is looking to get tattooed - be sure to go see Reime at Evolution Tattoo... Everyone there is laid back and super talented... you won't be disappointed.  Need an excuse to find your way over there? Its super close to the Mall of America so you could have a fun day shopping and riding rides with the family - and be getting new ink by the evening :) If you call for a consultation tell em Amber from RockerByeBaby sent you!
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