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Low Carb Grilled Roast Beef and Munster Cheese

MMMmmmmmm - sometimes as I low-carber I find myself just CRAVING a Grilled Cheese. Most low carb breads are like a flavorless sponge. But not this bread. Trader Joes has a couple options available that are AMAZING. They are sprouted wheat, sprouted 7 grain and a sprouted Rye that are just 4-5 carbs per slice. They have a great texture and are my absolute favorite when they are grilled or toasted. 

Available at Trader Joe's. 

Available at Trader Joe's. 

Having things like this on hand is key to me being able to stay on track when cravings hit hard. I still try to keep my servings limited and not eat it TOO often, but I am thankful for a delicious guilt free option. So on to the yummies. Im all about a simple grilled cheese with deli sliced American cheese... maybe get wild and add some turkey... but sometimes I like to mix it up a bit. My favorite grown up grilled cheese is a low carb take on a sandwich my grandma used to make me on a croissant as a kid. Two slices of the 7-grain bread, two slices of Munster cheese and a pile of freshly sliced Roast Beef. Butter both sides of the bread and place them on the skillet over medium heat. Lay a slice of cheese on the top of each... and a little roast beef on each side. I Do this for a quicker and more even melt of the cheese. When it is almost done - I put it together for just another minute or so... It makes a perfect grilled cheese. Yum! Enjoy!!

Should have left this on another minute for a little extra melt - but it was still delicious!!

Should have left this on another minute for a little extra melt - but it was still delicious!!

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Twisted Vision Tattoo


Back in October I got a bunch of touch up work and filler done on my sleeve. And just NOW realized I never posted about it! Kris at Twisted Vision in Peoria did an amazing job. He re-outlined all of the work he did on me in the past... added my awesome 7 that I have wanted for years... gave my old skull a more colorful day of the dead look... and filled in all the empty space with traditional dots & stars. I am so in love with the results!! Thanks Kris!! I can't wait to get back home and get some more work done. I really want to get this sleeve finished and on to the next arm! 

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Low Carb Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Sometimes last minute dinner plans can have the best results. One night I wasn't sure what I was going to make (like many nights around here)... So i opened the fridge to check out my options. I had an apple that was getting soft. 4 pieces of bacon left over from breakfast, chicken that had thawed out from the freezer... and cheese. There is ALWAYS cheese.  So I diced up the apples and bacon (if your bacon isn't cooked - fry it all up in the skillet first - bacon and apples together). Then I cut a little pocket into my chicken. I folded a slice of cheddar in half and put half on the bottom of the pocket. I stuffed in the apples and bacon. Placed another piece of cheddar on top of all the goodies... I topped it with a pad of butter, some organic garlic and seasonings. (Feel free to experiment here - I used some mixed chicken seasonings). When it seemed finished I wrapped each piece individually into a little aluminum foil house to steam it and keep all the yummy cheese inside and baked it at 350 for about an hour. But check temp with a thermometer to ensure that its cooked all the way through.

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Nuby Sea Scooper Review

Nuby Sea Scooper

Nuby Sea Scooper

The Nuby Sea Scooper is a MUST for bath time. When I picked out this whale I didn't really know what to expect. But I thought hey, if it hold some of the toys then cool! When it showed up I was blown away.  IT's nice and big and holds pretty much ALL of Rozzlyn's toys - and being a Nuby Mommy Blogger, we have a LOT of them. "After bath time fun is over, Nûby’s Sea Scooper™ makes cleaning up quick and easy. Watch your baby giggle with delight as you scoop your favorite Nûby™ bath time toys into the whale’s tummy. The pail has special drain holes built-in, allowing excess water to easily drain away from the toys and quickly air dry." It also has a little mount that allows you to hook it on the bathroom wall so it drips dry on its own. Cute right?! I also love how uniform all of the Nuby toys look when lined up :) SO SO cute, fun and bright. 

The Nuby Sea Scooper is available at:



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SQUEAL! Love RaeGun!


Last month RaeGun had a sale and I FINALLY snagged myself *ahem* Rozzlyn the cutest jumper in history. I am counting down the days to spring when she can wear it! It is just like this one except for the middle ruffle is hot pink. I love it SO MUCH! 

Not only does she have all the cutest jumpers around... but she also makes little ruffle bum diaper covers. Totally affordable at $13-$17 each. They make me melty and feel like I need another baby. Lets be real here - everything makes me think I need another baby... but especially these. If you haven't had the chance to get something from her yet - I highly recommend it... OH - and get it soon, because she has a little one on the way and is closing up Made to Order items at the end of the month. So congrats to mama Rae Gun... and congrats to you for finding an awesome new shop to fall in love with :) 

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