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I miss you...

Oh how I miss having time to blog... even when I DO blog now... I feel like all I get to do is product reviews and quick picture posts... I miss telling you about my life and pretending that you listen... all one or two of you that still pay attention ;) And I miss having that outlet to vent to... when all starts boiling over on the inside... just letting it spill out from key to computer screen. But even now, sitting here taking the time to type out this meaningless post - I find myself filtered... and not even knowing where to begin... what I DO know - is there is definitely not enough time nor space to write it all out... all I wanted to say is Im sorry for my absence... Im doing my best to get back on my feet both in the blog, store, and life and I appreciate everyones patience while I do that... I have the most amazing fans and customers anyone could ever ask for...

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Mentoring Monday: A Wonderful Life

Another Mentoring Monday post by Aymee! 

A Wonderful Life      As we come off the heels of Christmas approach New Years, it is time to reflect. Adam and I have had a pretty trying go at it leading up to Christmas. On my end: it all started with failing my class. Then had a Clark Griswold jelly-of-the-month-club moment at work. Then I forgot my phone in my car overnight, which wouldn't have been such a big deal if my husband wouldn't have been locked out of the apartment building all night in the Minnesota winter, and had to sleep in his car--a situation in which people have died. More drama at work; then, the day before Christmas Eve we developed a substantial leak in our apartment from the roof. A steady stream of apple-juice colored water was making its way down my window and wall, and soaking the carpet--the carpet where our Christmas tree and presents were.
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Figure 1: Making the best of it: love is all you need.      In the Thurston household, we have a Christmas Eve tradition of watching It's a Wonderful Life over cocktails. This year, it couldn't have been more therapeutic. Before he left for work one night, Adam turned to me. His eyes looked beaten, his voice broken. “Could it get any worse?” Yes darling, yes it could. We have a healthy, smart, beautiful daughter. We're not making bank…hell, I wouldn't even say we're “comfortable,” but we're making it financially. Work is rough, but at least we have jobs. We may have had to live like ducks for a day, but we have a place to rest our heads at night. Sadly, and hardest to swallow during the holidays: we are away from our family. But we have “family” in our friends--and no man is a failure who has friends.
Wishing everyone the best this holiday season,Love, The Thurstons
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