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Note To Self Saturday: Just go with it...

So today started out with WORK WORK WORK... Then I got sidetracked because yesterday StoopidGerl & I started talking about a trade... She wants a Midnight Snack Blanket & Skullie... Hmmm for me? Well, her prints are friggen AMAZING... so it was no doubt the were going to grace the walls of my office... Well, ironically StupidGerl & I BOTH have an obsession with the Midnight Snack fabric... So I thought perfect! Ill take that fabric and make curtains to match her "sweet" prints! Too cute... One thing led to another and I caught myself up in her Photo Stream... She did the Wreck this Journal last year... photographed it along the way... and I was AMAZED... i started doing it too but mine is NO WHERE near as cool as hers... it has totally inspired me to start back into it again. Too much fun... Well, by those photos I was inspired yet again... Some way... I want to blend that awesomeness of the candy prints... with maybe some future crafty prints? Well, that lead me on a hunt for more fabrics... I fount an AMAZING Alexander Henry polka dot (notice polka dot backgrounds in the photos...) and the coolest friggen swatch pack of multi colored scissors!! All of the colors tie into the prints & the midnight snack... Am I crazy? Or a friggen design genius... maybe a bit of both. But what I want to do is since the scissors are a size 10x10... In one panel Alternate one giant 20x20 square of midnight snack... and underneath one 10x10 of the scissors... and one 10x10 of the dots... then the opposite underneath that row... then on the right side... do the 10x10 rows at the top... with the big 20x20 square of midnight snack... Then of course... to top it all off, Im gunna get some big funky vinyl letters that say "Sew Sweet"... I am SO friggen excited I can't even begin to explain...

I have been putting off decorating the office because the inspiration just hadn't hit me yet... but lemmie tell ya... its here now... and its happening ;)

p.s. please dont steal... I watermarked this graphic in hopes that you wont.
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