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Favorites Friday: Coffee

Im dying here... I need coffee and a have a delicious bag of coffee in my cupboard... and its not ground. UGH! So - this is me... wishing i had coffee... drooling over all the etsy coffee goodies... enjoy.
*click to enlarge*
#1: VelvetBean - Small Velvet & Burlap Coffee Sack Pillow
#2: KatieBlairDesigns - Lets Have Coffee set of 5 screenprinted cards.
#3: White AppleThreads - Green Karma Tote from Recycled Coffee Sack
#4: NewMoonStudio - Set of Two Large Green and White stoneware mugs
#5: Colettepaperie - We Should Do This (Get Coffee) Postcards
#6: WarmCountryMeadows - Moss Terrarium inside of Vintage Starbucks Mug
#7: retrofied - Dragonfly Bag and Pouch Set Hand screened in Robins Egg Blue & Espresso
#8: Craftsmen By Night - Hand Embroidered Flowered Vine Jave Jacket
#9: CocoandLolaSoaps - Coffee and Citrus Soap

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Favorites Friday: My Daily Fuel

aAst night I was up till 3am sewing thanks to a can 'o Red Bull... mmmm fuel... woke up to a toddler hiding in his bed... why? Because he ate all the chocolate out of the advent calendar... well, not all of it... but a good 15 days worth... im tired, im pouty, im sore & i have sugar buzzed toddlers, lol Well rather than sit here and complain (cuz as we were reminded in yesterdays post, its ALWAYS worse for someone else)... I decided to brew a good ol cup of joe... Can't drink coffee? (bummer) well etsy has PLENTY of fun options to keep you going... and if you DO drink coffee, they have LOTS of fun goodies to go with it :)

#1: Funky Recycling - Recycled Pop Can Art - Motorcycle/Bike

#2: BryanCollins: Not sure who Bryan Collins but whoever they are... they make a pretty rad tshirt :)

#3: reFORMrecycle: IRL were not big fans of the sugar free redbull... but in the internet world they make a pretty cute set of earings :)

#4: yubomination: Super cute skull & bones coffee sleeve.

#5: UrbanWoodSwalker - Recycled RedBull Can necklace

#6: HeyHarriet: LOVE this print, would look rad in my kitchen :)

#7: Whimsical Terror: Omg... Red Bull Flavored cupcakes... why? Cuz there is RedBull inside... can I say NEED!?

#8: HandyMandyCreations: Another adorable Skullie coffee sleeve.... i need one :)

#9: djkryptyk: Awesome Red Bull can ACEO
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