Free Giveaway: Dittany Baby h2o Sling!


Dittany Baby
is a store/girl after my own heart... and when I saw her new H20 slings, there was NO DOUBT that we had to have one for the store... I get asked ALL the time about making slings... but I wanted to be 100% i was sending out a safe and reliable product... well guess what, here it is... 

"Put to the test by 6 mom bloggers over the entire summer our ultimate water sling received 100% positive feedback and was tested everywhere from the shower to the ocean all over the world. Water flows through the sling allowing your little one to experience the water with you. Drying almost instantly, this sling is an absolute must! Versatile and beautiful, Dittany Baby pouch slings can comfortably carry your precious cargo from birth to 35lbs. A quick and easy way to travel, Dittany Baby slings have won the hearts and freed the hands of caregivers around the globe. Whether in Japan, France, or at home in the USA, Dittany Baby slings are a safe and simple way to keep your baby comfortable and close. Dittany Baby slings are handmade by work at home mom's" It comes in all different sizes to accommodate the broad range of mommy sizes as well... no one is left out with this rad H20 sling!

i LOVE that it can be used all day walking around just as with a normal sling... and then can transition right to the beach... the pool... the shower... or like now - a walk in the rain! It is even so transitional that it holds my 3 year old... This is really the only sling you will ever need... and the coolest part of all?? Shannon screened our adorable skullie on it that everyone seems to love so much, to make it truly a RockerByeBaby original. 

So get it here guys! RockerByeBaby is the ONLY place you will find it! But thats not all! She has soooooo many other rad pouch designs in HER store! The are the ONLY company doing this right now with the screened water slings... so be among the first to have one... because guess what.... there is one with your name on it... no not you... wait... maybe you... well - the winner of this giveaway! You get to pick any design you want... Choose from one of her designs here! (H20 slings ONLY for the prize) My personal favorite of course is the blue guitar sling...  

How do you get your hands on one? Like this!

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