Oh how Ive missed you

Part One:
Dear blog...
i love you... and im so sorry i have been neglecting you... dont take it personally I have just been SOOO busy... and my lovely readers... i appreciate every one of you for sticking around through the chaos... for those of you that didn't hear me ranting on Twitter... the owners of the house we were renting deciding to stop paying their mortgage... and put our rent in their pocket (enter mean name here)... this leaving are very busy family of for in a bad spot... one day, we got a note on our door saying the house was being sold... a week later the house sold to a private investor... and that night, we got a note on the door saying to call... we did... and had to be out in a week if we wanted any compensation for our troubles... so, we dropped everything and packed and moved... ugh... was a horrible week (10 day process i think)... just total chaos...  orders were/are backed up... kids were crabby... mom/dad were crabby... and thankfully nana flew out to save the day... uh... week. Dunno what we would have done without her help... so here we sit now... for our second night totally settled into our new place (that we totally love). Its kinda one of those blessing in disguise kinda situations... way happier here... way more productive... been walking with the boys every day... its just great. So (mean name) house owners... thanks for totally screwing us over so we could get our of your crappy house... Ill post some pictures of the new place later... we have tried really hard to really put this place together :) I like it!

Part Two: GLAMASAURUS!! Geesh, this giveaway has been going on FOREVER now!! Lots of ADV for my lady :) haha Now, LETS PICK A WINNER!!

Random.Org = 21!!
which is... *runs to go peek at post*
WHAT'S UP DUCK! Congrats!! Ill be in touch to get you your prize!!

What's up Duck? said... 21

And finally I already was a fan of glamasaurus on facebook.

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