Free giveaway! SediluGreen EcoStuffers reusable snack bag set!

Yum... organic cinnamon snack sticks... organic graham crackers... all put inside a cute... plastic ziplock bag!? WHAT!? Unheard of... when you put some much thought into what snacks go inside those baby bellies... of course you want to be thinking about what those healthy snacks are stored in... well have NO fear... SediluGreen has got you covered...
Now, before I start my *rant* about how amazing her EcoStuffers are... I wanna tell you a little fun fact... "PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERY SINGLE FOOD STORAGE BAG IS MADE WITH LEAD, PHTHLATE, BPA AND TOXIN FREE MATERIAL DEEMED FOOD SAFE BY THE FDA!!" Can you believe it?? How can something considered to be safe contain so many bad chemicals? And lets not forget to mention... for every ONE eco stuffer bag that you buy, you can potentially save 900+ plastic baggies from going into a landfill... Oh, and just to one up that... "The estimated savings of an average sized family of 4 is about $250 or more PER YEAR by switching from plastic baggies and single serving disposable containers!"  They're fashionable... they're functional... and eco-friendly. 
So lets talk EcoStuffers... we love them COMPLETELY... and of course, when ours showed up in the fabulous Blue Regent Skulls print, I was ecstatic! As most of you know... we had a HORRIBLE experience with a last minute move a couple weeks ago. Ugh, dont get me started. These bags were a life saver... If your like me... when under stress and a lack of time you cave to whats easy... sometimes that might mean a snack bag of chips for a snack or something of the sort. These baggies were so perfect... I kept them filled with little organic cinnamon snacks for the boys... organic teddy graham crackers... kept the bellies filled and the babies happy (mostly). They were so easy to just throw into my purse and I love not having to worry about whats inside spilling out... "100% cotton designer material on the exterior. Comes standard with antimicrobial, waterproof, Phthlate and BPA free, food safe waterproof material! There is an incredible velcro seal so NOTHING comes out! Easy to open. Finished interior seams - nothing unfinished!" They are incredibly well made... and if you know me at all, im picky, lol. She has so many amazinly adorable prints to offer... you just HAVE To go check them out!!  They also come in three sizes... Small, Medium and Large (Small & Large shown above) and I just went and bought ANOTHER Medium & Large for my stash but shhhh.... So let me guess... all this ranting has you DROOLING over a these bags, right?! Well it better have! Cuz you need them! More specifically... Ailie... you need this one... because it matches EVERYTHING that lily has... lol and Brooke... Dysfunctional Family... better go with the Trio, lol i just bought one... you MOST definitely need it too. And the rest of you, pick your favorite! I could go on for days matching you all up with the perfect EcoStuffer... And for two of you? A PRIZE!! Two lucky winners will will the Sandwich (Large) sized EcoStuffer... One in the Pink Regent Skulls print... and one in the Inked fabric. When you enter, just note which one you want... Dont care? Double your chances and say EITHER!

How to win:

#1:  Mandatory entry:  Tell us which print you would love to win (Inked or Pink Regent Skulls) AND one other item that you just LOVE from the SediluGreen etsy store.Extra entries?? But of course :)
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