Favorites Friday - CUPCAKES4MADDIE!

Boy oh boy... little Maddie is growin' up... (not in womb Maddie, toddler Maddie....) Well, in less than 2 months from now we will be rockin' out at her Cupcake themed birthday party... OHHHH the possibilities... I already have a couple things on the way for a birthday gift... cuz well, im a little psychotic I like to go all out when it comes to themes... So doing the FF theme this week is my perfect excuse to shop a little... This cupcake page is all about the must-haves for Maddie...
Take two... (The first to things I found, I bought... haha)

#1) SugarSpiceKid - Pink Strawberry Cupcake Invitation : Easily the CUTEST cupcake invite on Etsy.
#2) Hollywools - Vinyl Cupcake Bib : A Total must have for when Ms. Maddie gets to dig into her cake... wouldn't want to ruin her pretty little birthday outfit!
#3) SugarRainDrops - Cupcake Locket : Could there be a more perfect "first locket" for a little cupcake princess? I... Think... Not... ADORABLE!
#4) BeautifulCreationsM - Girly Girl Colorful Confetti : MUST HAVE! Beki.... you must get a few packs of these for tables... SOOOO cute! or at least the cupcake bar :)
#5) VintageLucys - Retro Cupcake Dress : I LOVE Vintage Lucy's and this would be SUCH a cute spring time birthday dress.
#6) Shelostit - Itty Bitty Cupcake : Every princess needs a pocket sized felt cupcake to carry around...
#7) HappyBabeeandBeeyond - Tasty Treats Crayon Roll : What 3 year old doesnt need one of these!?
#8) BananaBearBoutique - Cupcakes & Strawberries I Spy Bag : I really like these iSpy Bags... and I really want to get one for the boys... but in the mean time, might just have to get one for Ms. Maddie.
#9) UrbanFarmGirl - Cupcake : Ugh, i LOVE anything Kawaii... Now - cupcakes + sprinkle balls + smiley faces = *dies* from cute overload.

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