Wordless Wednesday - Me wordless? Not so much...

So, I know today is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday" But there is WAY to much to shout about... For starters.. Mommy The Kids have a play date at Chuck E Cheese today.... Thats pretty much awesomeness... Gotta love social time!

I went to the Gym today... feeling pretty good... trying to get my fat ass back in shape,  regain my girlish figure.... "tighten up"a bit...

BEst news of all? I just snagged two @BarleyandBirch t-shirts for only $10 each!!!!! You MUST go to this site... Its pretty much the awesomest ever and i MUST figure out how to be apart of this... but for now, im there to shop!! Its called The Mini Social... go set up an account, and then you have access to all of these insane 3 day sales... Barley & Birch shirts are usually around $27 each and right now they are just $10. Limited time & limited selection... so hurry hurry hurry!

I snagged up these to in a 6t to stash away for their next size... seeing as by the time this last order shows up i will have....... 8 4t shirts i believe? Yeah... its an obsession... can't go wrong with organic, eco friendly goodness with adorableness screened on the front. Win-Win. So yeah! HURRY! They will go fast!! Remember, just click here and set up an account at The Mini Social... and then click barley and birch... you can shop from all the other sales too with one shopping cart... oh and Pili you should totally snag some for R cuz they ship overseas!

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