Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #3!

Happy Mothers day mamas!! I hope you all have had a great day thus far! The boys made me an adorable little painting hanging in my office... has stars & moons and says Mommy, we love you more than the moon and all the stars in the sky. Super cute... and daddy got me an AMAZING Betsey Johnson bag, makeup bag, and a ton of new Glittersniffer pigments! Yay! Now hopefully we can have a great toddler tantrum drama free day! Now, I know you mama's aren't peeking at my blog on "your day" to read about my day... lol your here for the goods! So today is a SUPER FUN live giveaway... hosted by the super amazing Sarasewta.
Now, I like to think no one can do minky like RockerByeBaby... but I gotta say, this chica rocks it! And, since im a minky snob... im proud to say her minky passes my test, lol Since I have that outta the way... let move on to her INSANE prices... I know how much good minky costs... and I know how much of a pain it is to sew, lol... Im amazed at how fair her prices are. While in the process of writing this and searching to see what I would feature... I decided I needed to snag up a couple of her little wash cloths... theyre too cute to pass up... and too cheap! I got one zebra/lime & one turquoise/zebra for $8 and free shipping... AND i could have gotten 3 for $10! (NOw that I said that, i think i need to snag one more.) Such a steal... sure I have piles & piles of minky... but why make em myself when she does such a damn good job!? Im rambling... anyways - washcloths are not all she does (duh)... check out these minky crib shoes... TO DIE FOR!
Purple Minky Dot Jojo Baby Slippers with Rubber Sole
Turquoise/Lime Minky Pull Over Bib
Turquoise Lime Green Jojo Minky Dot Pullover Bib
And my personal favorite, the JOJO rice bags!
Hot Pink Black and White Cheetah JOJO JR. Minky Dot Boo Boo Rice Bag Baby 6 x 6
So much minky, snuggly, adorableness in one place!  And yes of course... theres some minky love for one of you! One lucky winner get this super cute gender neutral Boo Boo bag ($10 value).
Isn't he cute!?
Turquoise Lime Green Yellow JOJO JR. Minky Dot Boo Boo Rice Bag Baby 6 x 6

So here is how you win... This bad boy will go quick... You have until Tuesday night at 9pm to get in all the entries that you can... You must do AT LEAST ONE of these FOUR things... (Extras are welcome, but one is mandatory or no other entries will count)
#1) Heart the SarahSewta etsy shop & 2 items.
#2) Follow SarahSewta on Twitter & tweet this...
"LIVE GIVEAWAY Minky Jo-Jo rice BooBoo bag by @sarahsewta at @rockerbyebaby for #BabyBloggingBash"
#3) Follow the SarahSewta blog.
#4) Like/Fan SarahSewta on Facebook.

After you have completed one (or more) of these mandatory entries, its a free for all! In separate comments, I want you to give me your new mommy tips... Ms. Maddie will be Aymee & Adams first and if I remember correctly... new parents can always use pointers & tips... I dont care if you leave me 1, 100, or 1000 comments, just make sure they are all separate so they count as separate entries... (Please stay on topic - new parenting tips) Then Tuesday night a random winner will be chosen. Now go! :)

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