Mid west vs. West coast Warped

So... Were driving home from warped tour stuck in traffic from all the vacationers/weekenders heading back from the beach to LA... I thought to myself wow, California traffic sucks!!! Ugh. it's one of the big things that makes me crazy living here vs the midwest... Which then got me thinking, almost everything is different... No family here... Very few friends... Rent is out of control for a tiny little place In a decient neighborhood... The weather - it's usually nice aside from the 120 degree face melting months... And on the flip side of that, Minnesota had -20 degree winters.. but like they say... "the cold keeps the assholes away..." which brigs me to my next point... Assholes. I'm so sorry to everyone I Cali that I love.... But I would say a good 75% of the people I have met here are total jerks.... Rude, snobby, stuck-up... Everyone is in a rush to get... Well, no where... Because your most likely stuck in traffic. Maybe that's why they're rushing... Just always late? I dunno... Anyways in the first 3 months here I went through two flakey and totally unreliable babysitters... And the 2nd one just stopped showing up... Who does that? Ugh. Anyways I'm rAmbling... California has been a huge transition for me... Minnesota nice is no longer :( if you need help, forget it... And don't ever count on someone holdin a door for you while helping yours kids in with a stroller. It will most likely swing shut and hit said stroller... And as I was reminded today... If someone if trying to get by. Don't expect an excuse me, they will shove their way through. With that being said... There was one kid that said excuse me today in the 7 hours at warped tour... Next, warped tour... I have been to a few warped tours and always had a great time.... But this was so different... I was having a great time if we were on the motion city bus... Watching everyone squeeze on little baby dot...

or even back stage watching the bands play... Totally awesome.

But alot of that changed shortly after... We went to watch a couple shows from the floor... Face to face... Riverboat gamblers (where we saw the cutest 4 or 5 year old boy rocking out with daddy) and alkaline trio... Through these shows, there was no stop pot smoking... And at trio right in front of me blowing right in my face. Don't get me wrong years ago I may not have cared... May even had joined! Who knows.. But I was looking around at the little kids and even the 14/15 year olds and it made me sick... It's not fair that kids can't go to a show or moms can't trust letting their teen out at a show without coming home with a contact buzz... Ya know? Maybe I'm older than I think, I dunno... I was just disappointed... I've never seen the drug thing as bad in the Midwest... Though here Its legal so I guess more people are willing to take the risk out in public... Guys... Heres a tip. Buy some cheetos... Go home.... Turn on pink floydd... And get baked. You will love it... And i dont have to smell you stanky weed. Another thing... The mosh pits are insane... I use to be all about getting right up front... Pushing people around and having a good time. But here I swear their out for blood! You shoulda seen the looks on some of these kids faces... Fun was gone... It was time to fight. I just don't get how bleeding & black eyes =fun. Again... Me= old?

YouTube Video

Or maybe like zaq said... It may not be a west coast vs. Midwest thing.... Maybe it's just this generation of kids? Less care? Less respect? I dunno... I'm at a loss... Over all warped tour was great and I'm glad we went. Josh & Jill loved the goodies I brought for baby Dot... (especially the booger bashers :) and it was great to see some punk rock and some old friends... And drool over my MCS lover Matt... Lol and even with all the other drama... Let's face it... All warped tours should come with this view...

P.s. Would love to hear some input on this... how are shows different where you are?

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