Munchkin! Love these food storage cups!

I think I have mentioned about 1,000 times that I make my own baby food... I use the Baby Bullet for all my pureeing... and then the Beaba silicone storage tray to freeze it all... but until last week I have been stumped as to what I should put the frozen ones into to thaw in the fridge... I wanted something just as convenient as the storage I use for the freezer... and I had been having a hard time figuring that out. Almost everything I found was either too small, or the wrong shape for the rounded Beaba shapes that came out.  So, the other day strolling through Target *dangerous* I came upon Munchkin's Fresh Food Cups.

They have a silicone base... and to my surprise - the frozen food from the Beaba fits inside EXACTLY! So every morning I get up... pop out four frozen portions from my Beaba tray.. and put them into the Munchkin cups to let them thaw for the next day. I definitely need to grab another set of the Munchkin... I believe 8 cups would be perfect for me! And one more of the Beaba trays to get me through longer stretches... SO thats it! I just wanted to share that with you, in case any other mamas were facing a similar dilemma. There is now a solution!

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