Nuby in the Community!

A little over a week ago was my turn for the Nuby in the Community project!
I teamed up with a local day care owner/friend of mine Jamie - to see if we could get together with all the kids and do a fun project. Together we are both seamstresses as well, so it seemed only natural that we would do something fabric/sewing related. What we came up with was to buy a bunch of fabric and a bunch of markers and let the kids go to town coloring and drawing pictures... we then would sew them all together and donate them to a local shelter or elderly home. IT was the perfect idea :) The pictures following are of all the fun we had making it happen.

First - we followed lunch up with some water in our new Nuby sippies!

Then we dove right in coloring on all the fabric. We had multiple different colors and prints of fabric... and a rainbow of Sharpies to make it beautiful. I must note... sharpies for toddlers probably wasn't my best idea.... haha we ended up with quite a bit on hands and clothes. OOPS! But they still turned out great so Id call that a success!

We really had a great time, and I am so glad to have been able to be a part of it and the Nuby in The Community project. Look forward to the next one to come!

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