Hello Friends! Check out the new Yo Gabba Gabba App!

Today we got a special treat from Yo Gabba Gabba - the chance to try out their new App! And let me tell you... its a new favorite for sure. I'm not always the best sharer when it comes to my iPhone, but sometimes as a special treat the kiddos get to play. So, naturally I am pretty selective about the apps I choose for them on my phone. When I got the opportunity to test the Yo Gabba Gabba app, "Hello Friends!" I was super excited.

When I first uploaded it, I wanted to check it out for myself... I was quickly sucked in by the awesome and bright graphics. Its a very high quality app - moves fast - and is really interactive.  Tap anywhere on the screen and little stars scatter... and a soft Yo Gabba Gabba tune playing in the background. Flipping through the different options, (Videos - Photos - Friends - Games) I dove into the games... I LOVE that its not just one game to play over and over. There are currently two games in that section (Brobee Jump & Gabbabalt) with more coming soon.  I will proudly admit that I am obsessed with Brobee Jump. I can already see myself getting wrapped up in it. And Gabbabalt had me squealing like a little kid.

Ok, Ok... so Its not all about me. Ms. Rozzlyn was sitting on the couch being Ms. Sassy Pants... so I thought, perfect time to let her try it out!
 Immediately her mood changed when she started watching the "Friends" section of the app. Its super cute little phone call Style app that uses the front camera for your little one to "facetime" with all your Gabba friends. She LOVES it and its appropriate for so many ages. So is the videos section! Great for in the car - shopping - or just some wind down time before bed. The videos section plays all their favorite Gabba tunes and clips, built right into the app.

Are you sold yet? You should be! Its only $3.99 for the app and I will confidently say it is worth every penny. You Gabba Gabba Hello Friends! is by far one of the top app's Ive ever downloaded for the kids. So what are you waiting for? Get it! :)

Wait... wait... maybe you're waiting for this? The awesome people over in Gabba Land have given us a special one time use code for one of you lucky readers to get to download it for free. The code is good on apple products (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) though available for purchase on Android as well.

Here is how you can enter to win:
Go find our facebook page - www.facebook.com/rockerbyebabyfans

There is a picture floating around to share - thats it! Ready, GO!

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