Love your belly.

Dear Belly. 

The round, squishy, soft belly of my baby girl Rozzlyn. Girl, you've got curves for days and you have since the beginning... a plump little apple bottom and a tummy that would give Buddha a run for his money. I kiss it, I rub it, I tickle it, I blow raspberries on it, I love it. I hope you love it. You have no problem showing it off for all to see with a sweet little giggle and a poke of your button.


She thought she was quite the rebel standing up on the table... :/

I hope you always feel that way. I hope that of all the things I can teach you in life, that this one thing sticks. Love your belly. This is one of those perfectly hypocritical mom moments where I am begging you to do something that I am not very good at. But, be better than me. Love your belly. As you grow, just know that I don't care if you are a size 2 or a size 12... but I do care that you're happy. So, love your belly. There are a lot of people out there that will try to make you think you have to be something specific to be pretty, perfect, etc. Don't be perfect. Perfect is boring. Be you. Whatever that ends up being. Giving up everything that makes you happy to be a size 2 defeats the purpose... Maybe it is a cupcake at a birthday party... or butter on your popcorn. Be happy in that moment while you lick the frosting off your fingers. If you're a size 12 and rockin' those curves, be happy! If you aren't - then make a change. Your body image is so important. Let me specify here. Not other peoples OPINION of your body... but how YOU see your body. Its all that matters. If you love it - you will find friends and a future with those who love you exactly as you are.


Its something I have always struggled with and I truly hope that you never do. But, for you I am going to try to be better. I don't want to sit here telling you to love your body while I am the first to pick out my flaws. All it does is teach you that I don't really mean what I say - because deep down it still matters. 


My saggy stretch-marked belly is something I should be proud of... you and your brothers gave them to me. Someday, if you choose to be a parent and are lucky enough to feel what it is like to grow a person from within you... you will likely see the result of that.  But let me tell you - the easiest time to love your belly is when there is a baby growing inside of it! Having you three are the 3 greatest things I have ever done in my life. I wouldn't take it back for anything... stretch-marks and all... So from here on out I promise I will be better. I want you to love your belly, and I will learn to love mine. Loving your body is just one step closer to loving yourself. If you go into life with a positive body image and a positive attitude, its much simpler. When people put you down for being too skinny, or too fat, it doesn't matter because you love how you look and feel great in your skin. Just be happy, healthy, and love your belly. 

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