A follow up to Wonder Woman...

Yesterday I posted a witty little image about Wonder Woman... funny. Because we all do it, right? We juggle 52,000 different tasks at once... wake up to wild kids in the baby monitor, make breakfast, get the kids fed & dressed... we're eating cold breakfast, drinking cold coffee, and scrolling Facebook while sending emails. (If we even get to breakfast for ourselves). We're packing lunches while we make dinner for the night. We're picking weeds while playing in the yard. Cleaning the house while a tornado of children blow through destroying your progress. If you're like me you work from home... so you do that while a child or two play in the background... causing you to stop every 5 minutes. 10 if you're really lucky.


We strategically schedule naps after lunch and before school, because it it gets pushed later than that the baby is extra crabby from a short nap, and then when the after school chaos begins so does the mommy meltdown. I cram as much sewing into that 3 hour nap time as I assume most people can sew in a week. (I have literally had multiple people say it took them a week or more to make a crib set... I can make 3 start to finish in 5 hours.) Then after school we rush for parent pickup, rush to the store (or post office) rush home to get a snack, take a few minutes to do whatever other important tasks are on the list... make dinner... clean up from dinner... more emails... snuggles... bed for kids... hours of work & homework... and around 2 or 3am I go to bed for the alarm to go off about 5 hours later. Wow. Everyday... literally EVERY DAY is like that in my house... every minute is crammed into the next... and if I stop to breathe or change plans it just means the next day is even more crazy! "Take a break," everyone says... but it is easier said than done. I am now the main financial provider with RockerByeBaby and the pressure is ON my friends. Constantly hustlin' to try to make a buck... And some days I just want to do what my friend Bonnie said... "Trying REALLY hard not to just say F*&% it and just go ahead and wear pearls while I iron S*&$ and make meatloafs and freaking cheeseballs and hand Bob scotch and slippers when he comes home at midnight." Right? Man... life of a working from home mom can be pure chaos. But working from home saves us thousands on day care right? Just don't put a price on our sanity... literally - please don't... because at this point its probably worth nothing. You know... because there is no more sanity. 


Some days I think - man... punching a clock every day would be so much easier than this. No more working round the clock... to avoid an unhappy customer... no more super late nights when I should be sleeping... but really, how boring. When I hit these walls of exhaustion mixed with insanity... I realize how much I thrive in chaos... somehow I am holding together a family and a business... both of which I have had a huge part in creating with my husbands help... I wouldn't have it any other way... I couldn't... and I am thankful every day that I wake up with another sale in the shop... a screaming kid in my baby monitor... and a cold cup of coffee by my sewing machine... Keep hustlin' mamas!

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