A tutu is a girls best friend. Mt Coffinz review.

Mt Coffinz Etsy Shop

Mt Coffinz Etsy Shop

A girl's best friend... a boy's best friend... I have even seen pets in these things. If you are looking for the highest quality tutu in a rainbow of colors - MT Coffinz is where you want to be. She has so many different sizes, styles, colors, etc. And the detail work is amazing. Before MT Coffinz I had never seen a tutu with the awesome colored serging and the sewn bands the way they do them. It makes each tutu unique and gives it a special "edge" that stands out from the rest. They are so full and poofy... The come in lengths from Micro Mini's all the way down to floor length formal skirts. Be sure to stop by her shop because she has a lot more than just tutu's... they also feature patches, cardigans, pinafores, scarves, hair falls, and the list goes on and on... 


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