No Bumpers? No problem! We have you covered

There is so much controversy about crib bumpers... and everyone seems to have a different opinion about them. So with that in mind it has always been important to me to cater to all the different preferences. I have the overstuffed boutique style bumpers that we started with... then we added a thinner 1 inch option. Later, we came up with a really cool RockAIRByeBaby ultra thin design that has no padding at all, just breathable cotton fabric.  Even with those options, just people just prefer nothing at all... but they feel like they're crib doesn't look complete. It was then that we decided to start making our "Bite Me" teething rail protectors. They are an awesome combo of fashion and function... giving you the look of a complete set adding in more of the design while still protecting your crib from a teething tot! I have made a LOT of these sets... but this one has to be my favorite. So I just HAD to share. Thank's to Joseph for sharing these great pictures with me! If you want a similar one for yourself - you can find them here

icm_fullxfull.35622552_ghbb06j4434sk8osgkoo copy.jpg

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