Mini Low-Carb Pizza Snacks

Last week I adapted a pinterest recipe I saw floating around facebook... it called for tortillas and toppings and turned them into pizza! So being a low-carb household seriously missing some pizza in our world - I had to give it a shot... 


1 package low-carb tortillas (Mission are our favorite) 

1 package shredded cheese (Kraft Pizza blend or Mozzarella)

1 can or jar of pizza sauce with reduced sugar (no sugar added)

Whatever yummy toppings you want!

FIrst - Take a glass (or a can, or a circle cookie cutter... anything that can cut a somewhat small circle) Then take the tortillas and place them into a muffin pan... Next spoon a little sauce onto the tortillas... pile on your toppings... top with cheese... and bake at 400 for 10-12 minutes. So easy - so fun... the kids loved helping and they were really really yummy!! You could of course do larger versions without cutting the tortillas into little circles... but everything is extra fun in mini size. 


p.s. Yes - Zavery and I had black olive & pickle pizza... :)

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