Probably the last one... maybe. BABY!

Hi friends! I am ever so pleased to announce that my sickness and exhaustion has a purpose! It's because I am growing a real, live baby inside my belly!! It's true - Baby Z #4 will be arriving at the end of Feb and we couldn't be more excited about it. I mean really, how can I run a baby business without a baby?! It had to happen ;) 

I am currently 7 weeks and 3 days - sleeping more in a night than I usually was in about 4 nights, exhausted, nauseous all day, and absolutely smitten about bring another Zrust baby into this world. Let the hunt for the perfect Z names begin! Feel free to comment some unique suggestions below for both genders as this one will be a surprise. We currently have (pictured left to right) Izzaq, Zavery & Rozzlyn. 

And I'll end this with my absolute favorite Jim Gaffigan skit about having 4 kids. Can't wait to start this next adventure! 

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