My first championship game.

Ok - so I guess that title is a bit conflicting. It wasn't my first championship game - I grew up playing sports... I played in (and won) plenty of championship games... but this was my first playing the role of mom. Wow, is it ever a different experience. I was stressed, I was excited, I was laughing, I was cheering & I was crying. I was a hot mess. They started off behind and really had to play hard to catch up... but they did it. The fought their way back to the top and they won. Everyone stepped up and played their best, and even some of the kids that don't hit well were getting on base. One of the boys (nicknamed clutch today for his great hit) put tears in my eyes. He struggles at bat and bases were loaded... 2 outs... coming up on his third strike. He got a hit! I screamed RUNNNN RUNNNN!!!!! And he made it to first. Got an RBI and kept the inning going. Because of that we got back into the "meat" of the batting order and the next coming hitters scored 4 more runs.  Not even my kid and I was fighting tears. He was SO PROUD and that kid didn't stop smiling the rest of the game. (the smiling crowd shot was after he hit, everyone was up smiling and cheering. It was the cutest thing EVER) In the last inning Izzaq made an AMAZING catch and the crowd went wild... and for the third out to finish the game, Izzaq made a great play, tagged first and the game was over. When he stepped on that bag all those kids jumped up and down, squealing for joy... high fives, hugging, cheering... It was amazing. I was crying, papa had tears in his eyes, other moms were hugging and crying. It was just so cool. They played so great, and fairly (even when the other team was trying to be a bit of a bully) and kept their cool under pressure... the coaches led their team to victory and we all couldn't have been more proud of our boys. To see the looks on their faces when they won was priceless... Izzaq was a little sad I didn't get it on video, but really... I am so happy to have that moment locked into my mind forever instead of distracted behind a screen. 


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