Boon RAY Bathtub Drain cover

Ray is here to save the day... providing 3 awesome services for you. 1: plugging your drain so that water can't make its way out of the tub... 2: Keeps your toddlers bumper from hitting the metal cap/plug, OUCH! 3: It also makes a great underwater bathtub friend!


Rozz absolutely loved the new addition of our "sing-ray" as she liked to call it. Our tub has a functional drain BUT it has a metal knob at the top to release the water... well - when the kids get all wiggly and swimmy in the tub they have the tendency to bump into in. Ray is the perfect fix for that common occurrence. Another awesome feature is that it comes with a little suction cup, so when it isn't being used you just hang it on the side of the tub to dry out. Boon always comes through with the genius products. We're a huge fan around here. If you'll also notice - the spout cover we have in the tub photo is from Boon as well, called Flo. We have more Boon products to show off soon, so keep checking back! 

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