Nuby Steam n Mash Review

Rozzlyn and I had the chance to try out the Nuby Steam 'n Mash this week and were oving all the possibilites! Mr. Larz isnt old enough for real food yet, so we were using it to make some yummy popsicles for our Fruitsicle maker! Last we came up with a yummy banana recipe for it... this week - we're doing a fresh apple and OJ version.

**Well, we were GOING to come back via video... but there was a very unhappy Larz getting his diaper changed that was really just ready for some mama milk... so we continued in picture form ;)

It was about 5 minutes in the microwave and our apples were soft and mushy. We let it sit for a minute to cool off... then drained the water... took off the lid and dumped the apples into the bowl. Ms. Rozzlyn helped me get them all mashed up... then we added a splash of orange juice and smashed some more!

After that we poured it all into our Fruitsicle mold... Rozz capped them - and into the freezer they went!

I was SUPER happy with this new set and its a great addition to our baby food making collection. It worked perfectly for the fruitsicles... and I can see us grabbing this as Larz gets older when I want to make something quick without pulling out the blender for big batches of food. Its also dishwasher safe making it easy to clean, and the grippers on both the handle of the masher and bowl make it easy to use and hold. Another homerun by Nuby.

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