Kim Bettasso - awesome blog!

Hey readers!

Wanted to take a few minutes to give a shout out to a new blog I had the pleasure of being introduced to... The writers name is Kimra Bettasso and she is an entrepreneur & crafter extraordinaire. Its a super clean blog without a ton of clutter overwhelming it (like I totally tend to be - hello, ADHD)...   and is full of SO MUCH great content. If you take a bit of time to read through some main posts you will see everything from thoughtful posts, crafty projects for kids, blog interviews and much more. Through reading her blog I found a great new craft to do with my kids this weekend using old tires in our garden for planters... and I also got some fantastic tips for being an even more successful blogger and using it as a way to make money. Anything to bring in a little extra cash now a days is always great! So if ya some free time, stop by and give her blog some love... and subscribe to new posts if you like what you see!

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