Nuby's NEW Stainless Steel 2 Handle Trainer Sipeez™ Review

Who said this little boy could grow up and use a big boy cup?! We are loving this new Nuby 2 handled sipper! So awesome. Just not loving how grown up he looks when he's using it! Larz is breastfed baby so doesn't get bottles very often... so when it came time to introduce a little water with dinner - I wanted an option that was easy for him - without just giving a bottle.. causing confusion and still practicing a sippy. This was the PERFECT solution... Easy to clean, stainless, two handles, clicks tight, no spill... and he can almost latch on to the soft spout to get the water out. LOVE IT!! And doesnt he look so dang cute in our beanie?

"Nuby's NEW Stainless Steel 2 Handle Trainer Sipeez™ features the patented No-Spill soft silicone spout that is safe, easy to clean, and simple to assemble. Not to mention it is more flexible and softer on tender gums. The dual wall insulation keeps liquids cool for up to 6 hours and is sweat-proof so it won't leave water rings! The Easy Grip ™ handles are perfect for little hands and the Durable Kid Proof base minimizes damage from drops."

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