Nuby Twista-Ball Review

Larzy's new favorite toy!! And mine, too! Its small, its clicky, its chewy, bright colored and textured! Its easy to clean... Its fun to play with... Its... its... its all the THINGS! Did I mention it rattles?? Yep. That as well. He loves rolling it away and chasing after it... Like a little baby human version of fetch... banging it against his chair for the rattle and the *bonk* sound it makes... and grabbing both handles and twisting for the click... sometimes we play with it kinda like tug-of-war... *I swear, we don't just play dog games with the baby* haha... but seriously... It is such a fun and simple toy... I am all about basic... I hate things that light up and play music... essentially overstimulating the babies... The Twista-Ball is just the right amount of entertainment.

"Providing safe, textured surfaces for your baby to teeth on and bite, the Twista Ball Teether from Nuby is specifically made to help with the eruption of teeth by gently massaging your infant's gums. "


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